PinLa Alphabet 拼拉字母

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PinLa alphabet (Chinese: 拼拉字母) is the common name for Sinolatinographic ligature alphabet, in which Pin derives from Pin in Pinyin (拼音, the Chinese phonetic system) and La stands for Latin (拉丁) alphabet.

The idea comes from typographic ligature. I don’t want to make formal explanation of typographic ligature here, in which case you can get the answer from Wikipedia. I’ll just give you some examples.

in French: o + e = œ. Œuvre.

in Scandinavian languages: a + e = æ. Æsir.

in German: f + s = ß. Fußball.

in Dutch: i + j = ij (it’s one letter); IJsselmeer.

and in Chinese, they have: 草 + 泥 + 马 =

Then I started to think, if Latin letters can be composed with another letter to become a new one, and Chinese characters can be decomposed and recomposed into a hybrid, why can’t we make a combination of Chinese character + Latin letter. Then consider 艹 + C = ?

So…. here’s the outcome.



= A + 可.

可 appears in many words whose pronunciation is /a/ 阿 阿 呵 锕

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